Remote control software for the Elecraft KPA1500 amplifier

virtualKPA provides remote control of the Elecraft KPA1500 amplifier using a graphical image of the actual amplifier with functional buttons, LEDs, and LCD display. Once connected, either over serial or ethernet, clicking on the buttons is just like pressing the buttons on the actual amplifier. Remote control over the internet is possible with proper router configuration (including Wake On LAN). Desktop versions are available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. There is also a web version (COMING SOON) that will run on any device with a web browser - including phones, tablets, and ARM devices (requires router configuration).

Download (64-bit)virtualKPA_files/virtualKPA_1_3_3.tar.gz
Download (64-bit)virtualKPA_files/

Copyright 2018, SMT Labs

Version 1.3.3